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"Honor Roll" of EK1 Recipients (Project in progress)
With the invasion of the Soviet Union, Hitler instituted the "Honor Roll of the German Army", which was to record honorable and heroic deeds performed by members of this branch of the German military institution.

This list seeks to eventally address the total list of receipients of the EK, across the whole of the Wehrmacht in World War II (Heer,Kriegsmarine & Luftwaffe),  in the same spirit that the Honor Roll for higher deeds was created to address.  

This is an ambitious undertaking and may never be completed but its ulimate goal will be to remain be the most comprehensive list of verified EK1 receipients of the Wehrmacht outside the Bundesarchiv in Germany.

If you have any verified* information on an EK1 recipient during 1939-1945 please contact me on: - Jeff Ooi.  

Any information will be credited to the submitter on my website.

*Verified means citing an Urkunde (certificate), A soldbuch/Wehrpass or a recognised reference source.
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(please be patient, this list is big)
08/04/06  19 more names

News Updated 17/04/06 - I'm a father!
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