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17 December 2005

Its the Silly Season again and a time for giving.  The Ek1 Trager site is no exception!  I have had an amazing response this week, normally I do most of the finds around the internet, libraries and bookstores but I have received a record number of new individuals contributing to the site.

Special thanks goes to:
Jeremy Green (who has a higher awards recipients site on the Luftwaffe
John Burchell
Hank from WAF, and of course;
Denis Bosvin

I also received a very interesting email from a Hilmar Zeissig about the merits of including the EK1 Spange into my website, I am interested in doing this, and am wondering what your opinions on this are.  I will put a poll on the Wehrmacht awards website soon and publish the results here.

Oh, for all those of  you who have noticed, the hit counter has broken rather badly and at some time reset itself to 00000.  Well I have just retrieved some stats from and the his actually stand at  645.  Not bad considering this site is strictly "word of mouth".  This has never been refected more than our first external link from a very professional website,

Thank you all for spreading the word and keep up the great work.

Remember, any contribution, no matter how small is appreciated and WILL be credited.

Thank you

Jeffrey Ooi,
site administrator

23 October 2005

Its been a busy week this week, and alas like the gentleman in the picture on the right, I have some setbacks, as with every large collection of data, especially about people, there is bound to be data integrty issues. Althought the response to request for lists has been fantastic, they have not all been accurate.  Thankfully this is limited to the submissions that have not been confirmed or have a confirmation code of "endorsed" which are works in progress anyhow.  See below for an example:

So regrettably, I've had to chop back the numbers of recipients in the last 2 weeks.  The upside of this is week by week, this list will become more accurate and useful to researchers and collectors alike.

The two highlighted pass the duplicate check process because both have surname and firstname spelt incorrectly.