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Statistics so far from available data (updated Feb 26)
The exciting part of the project and something that has not been attempted prior to the author's knowledge is to query the data collected in order to gain information about the conditions that existed during the awarding of the ek1.  With so many dimensions available, there are many ways we can "slice" the pie.

For instance with the year of award we can ask ourselves, what year month or day was the most awards ever made?   With the unit, we can have the answer to the most highly decorated (and one could theorise, bravest) regiment or division.  With the rank we can determine whether the ek1 was, in fact truly egalitarian in its awarding.

This analysis will begin at its most basic while the numbers of recorded individuals are small, but this author hopes that when more and more people submit their Urkundes or Soldbuch's the accuracy will grow and finally, one of the most asked questions of the war will be answered with a little more conviction:  
"Which were the units in which the bravest soldiers in Germany served in World War two?"
Currently the database has only 402 records (11%) that document the unit the recipient was with when he was awarded the ek1.  I will try to compile some stats next week

38 / 3615 records were blank
43 were from 1945
485 were from 1944
481 were from 1943
484 were from 1942
839 were from 1941
983 were from 1940
262 were from 1939

So far, Figures are not concurring with the general belief that Leutnants were the most highly awarded of the EK1 recipients *
22% of recipients were Obersts (800) (all grades including reserves)
17% of recipients were Leutnants (570) (all grades including reserves)
9% of receipients were Feldwebels  (332) (all grades including reserves)
6% of receipients were Unteroffiziers (215) (all grades including reserves)
4% of receipients were Gefreiters  (146) (all grades including reserves)

* Currently, most of the ek1 ranks (88%) come from publications that concentrate mainly on RK winners.  This Author has seen instances where the rank was for the ek1 was incorrectly recorded in favour of the rank when the Ritterkreuz was awarded.  Much will be done to rectify this but until then please note that the figures for publications will expect to remain static whereas contributions of Urkundes and Soldbuch's will grow larger than these and eventually outnumber them.  It is also expected that a great many of these publication errors will be corrected when compared against the Urkunde with the same recipient name.